Flat tray DIN A1

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Flat tray DIN A1

All moebus drawing files of the PA 7000 series can be placed next to or on top of each other and thus individually combined

Standard features

The drawers are equipped with a ball-bearing runner and an automatic pull-out stop when the drawer is open; they can take loads of up to 20kg. The cabinets have a visible rear panel, central locking and a security lock with two keys

Standard colours

Top, carcass and base are plastic-coated and available in oak decor, light grey, white or sand. The base is also available in black. Special colours are available on request. Double-height drawer fronts instead of two normal drawers are available on request at no extra charge. The practical and attractive segment handles are available in black, matt chrome or white. Also available as bow handles or handle shells on request.

Cover plate103573520
Drawing cabinet (5 drawers)1025725440
Drawing cabinet (8 drawers)1025725680
Drawing cabinet (10 drawers)1025725840
* Dimensions in mm