• Suspension strips for technical drawings

    Technical drawings are graphic documents that are mainly used in mechanical and plant engineering, but also in architecture, road construction and urban planning. Even today, technical designs are used in written form or as a print for the production of an individual part, the assembly of a building or in urban planning. Especially for customer […]

    Suspension strips | technical drawings

  • Drawing tapes for artists’ designs

    For the filing and storage of finished works of art, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers drawing strapping, holding and storage systems. Especially if you have a large number of artworks, a professional storage system will create order in your studio. At the same time, holding systems can be used to optimally present the works to […]

    Filing and storage of finished artworks | professional storage system Order in the studio
  • Drawing tapes for screen printing films

    The screen printing process is still used today in various fields. Especially in the artistic milieu, screen printing is still of high importance today. Application areas Screen printing is a printing process in which printing ink is printed through a fine-mesh fabric onto the material to be printed using a rubber squeegee. In this way, […]

    application areas | Drawing tapes | printing methods | screen printing films | screen printing stencils | storage
  • Drawing tapes for wallpaper patterns

    Wallpaper is traditionally a wall covering made of paper, glass fabric or plastic that is used in many industrialised countries. Wallpapers are applied in interiors of buildings, exhibition booths, shop windows, stages, inside boxes and drawers. Adhesives are used to bond the selected wallpapers to the surface to be covered. Due to a high variety […]

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