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Suspension strips for technical drawings

Technical drawings are graphic documents that are mainly used in mechanical and plant engineering, but also in architecture, road construction and urban planning. Even today, technical designs are used in written form or as a print for the production of an individual part, the assembly of a building or in urban planning. Especially for customer presentations, the representation of objects on paper continues to play a major role. Especially when archiving building and city plans, professional hanging and storage systems are indispensable.

Types of drawings

Various types of drawings can be implemented on paper. Examples are:

  • Part or individual part drawings. They contain the dimensioned representation of a component and usually contain a partial drawing of a component.
  • Assembly drawings. An assembly drawing contains entire machines, apparatus or devices (overall drawing) or, in the case of more complex representations, individual component groups (group drawing).
  • Repair instructions
  • Instructions for use
  • Plans. Plans show how several machines or especially the parts of larger technical installations are arranged in relation to each other. In architecture, plans depict the building project.

Our customised solutions in the field of technical drawings

With its hanging strips in DIN A1, DIN A0 or special formats on request, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers companies and public authorities a simple solution for representing and archiving technical drawings. Take a look at our hanging strip systems. Furthermore, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers various holding and storage systems for sorting in its portfolio. On our website you will find the right solution.