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Drawing tapes for screen printing films

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The screen printing process is still used today in various fields. Especially in the artistic milieu, screen printing is still of high importance today.

Application areas

Screen printing is a printing process in which printing ink is printed through a fine-mesh fabric onto the material to be printed using a rubber squeegee. In this way, various materials such as paper products, plastics, textiles, ceramics, metal, wood and glass can be printed. Both flat and shaped surfaces can be printed.

Printing process

Nowadays, screen printing stencils are mainly produced by photographic means. In the artistic field, however, traditional methods of printing stencil production are also used, such as masking stencil, wash-out stencil, paper stencil, cutting stencil and reduction stencil.

Our customised screen printing film solutions

To store screen printing stencils and screen printing films, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers various drawing carrier belts, holding and storage systems. Take a look at our solutions for you on our website Special solutions are also available on request.