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Drawing tapes for wallpaper patterns

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Wallpaper is traditionally a wall covering made of paper, glass fabric or plastic that is used in many industrialised countries. Wallpapers are applied in interiors of buildings, exhibition booths, shop windows, stages, inside boxes and drawers. Adhesives are used to bond the selected wallpapers to the surface to be covered.

Due to a high variety of motifs, wallpapers nowadays offer a high degree of individuality in the design of interiors and buildings.

Areas of application for drawing straps

Wallpapers, such as woodchip wallpaper in Germany, are used particularly in European countries. Commercially available wallpapers are mainly used in small rooms or in rooms that have a special representational function, such as dining rooms.

Our customised wallpaper pattern solutions

With its hanging systems in DIN A1, DIN A0 or special formats on request, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH Vertriebsunternehmen für Wandeten offers a simple solution for representing different wallpapers when advising customers. Take a look at our drawing tapes as hanging strips for wallpaper samples. In addition, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers various holding and storage systems for sorting. Take a look at our solutions for you on our website